Chapter 1 | Page 15

Q: Are the bull's horns meant to be always offscreen? Is there a reason for that? Or do you just hate drawing them?

A: Well, yes, there's a reason. His face is quite wide, and it features a lot of different elements. His is one of my less successful designs. Sometimes, I have to choose between showcasing his body language, or the threat from his horns. They also don't make it in for any face close-ups. They're kind of crappily positioned, because you can only really see them from a high angle. And the POV character is usually Billy, so I mostly get to draw him from below. Sometimes, when I go for a higher shot, I have a lot trouble fitting both him and Billy in the frame, so when it's time to hack body parts, the horns are the first thing to go.

Also, I hate drawing them, yes.