Chapter 1 | Page 44

There's this trend in anime and manga that I've noticed, and that drives me crazy.

A is talking to B. During the conversation, A references a third character, who we'll call C, by name, with little to no context. Inevitably, B asks: "Who's that?"

So B, the one who named the stranger in the first place, begins their explanation by repeating C's name. As if we hadn't heard it.

A - I guess we'll have to talk to Mashiro.

B - Who is he?

A - His name is Mashiro, he's the class president.

Sometimes this makes sense, because A goes into detail by providing C's full name. "His name is Moritaka Mashiro..."

But this isn't always. And when they just mention the name twice for entirely no reason (except that they think the audience must be stupid) it makes me want to punch A in the face.

This got me thinking about how Billy didn't ask Enzo "who is he?" when he first mentioned Terence.

Because if Billy had asked Enzo "who is he?" when he first mentioned Terence, Enzo would have to have answered:

"His name is...