About this comic

The Only Son is an epic fantasy comic set in a completely different world, that just so happens to have an 1800s Earth level of tech and fashion. The story follows Billy, an unfortunate goblin gardener who plays an unwitting pawn in a plot to overthrow the Mermaid Queena plot that will start a war between two kingdoms. After narrowly escaping with his life, Billy sets out in a quest to hunt down the mastermind behind it all, an elf named Terence, whose agenda seems to be much darker than previously thought...

I try to upload a bunch of pages every two weeks (usually on a Monday), but sometimes issues with tension and spoilers lead me to hold off a bit until the update “makes sense.” If you don’t want to miss any updates, you can subscribe to my email list and I’ll notify you whenever new pages are up :)

About the artist

I grew up around comics (mostly DC) and manga (mostly shonen), and have been trying to draw stories since I could hold a pencil. When I hit high school I decided people may want to pay me for it, and I was right.

I started haunting conventions with my first fanzine, Fail House, which gathered a fanbase of like 10 people and shall never see the light of day again. It still holds a special place in my heart, though, and I have very vague and undefined plans to remaster it. Since then I did a bit of everything (streaming, commissions, live portraiture), including my first few attempts at what would eventually become The Only Son.

I’m a simple soul, and I like satisfying stories about good guys facing off against bad guys and learning something in the process :)