Chapter 1 | Page 12

When you decide to start drawing comics you think "I'm going to draw a ton of interesting characters and cool action sequences! I'm going to draw punches, and kicks, and fights! And mysterious, despicable villains, and badass heroes, and... and... And I'm going to change the world with my original ideas and my take on archetypal characters!

That's what I'm gonna do! I'll create tension and EMOTION and the audience will be at the edge of their seats. And when they finish my story they'll be left thinking the DEEP thoughts, and they'll reflect on some fundamental truth about life.

Maybe they'll take one of my characters as a role-model! Like Goku or... or CM Punk!

I'm going to promote good values like bravery, and friendship, and the power of dreams, and hope. I'm going to tell everyone that they can be happy!"

Ten pages in you're thinking: "Why the fuck is it so difficult to draw thorns? Snot triangles. How do I get them to stop looking like snot triangles for fuck's sake..."

I'm sad x4