Chapter 1 | Page 19

There's a Spanish-speaking YouTube channel called Dementes del Arte (Art Lunatics). They're a group of several people who stream themselves reading (as in play-acting) and commenting the works of several Latin American artists. Without having reading them first.

It goes how you might imagine it goes.

So, I sent them my comic and they agreed to read it on one of their streams. Evertything went well until they got to the bottom of this page.

The Lunatic in question (let's call him #1) was reading Billy's lines, and suddenly he stops and says:

Lunatic 1: Is that him?

Lunatic 2: No, it's another guy.

Lunatic 1: I think it's him, but in the past.

Lunatic 2: No dude, it's 48hs in the past. How's he gonna look that different?

Lunatic 1: Well...

Lunatic 3 (whispering): Erm... he's got a sign over there... Emilio Kharra, attendant.