Chapter 1 | Page 41

I've been studying hands a lot, and I've found a very persistent trend of artists wanting to compare fingers to food.

Some of them say you have to think of them as sausages. Others say they look like McDonald's' fries.

Once, I heard a youtuber saying that fingers resembled broken asparagus.

In a book about drawing manga, the author said that fingers were like cheese: Somewhat malleable, they move a little when you shake them but they don't lose their shape.

An artist friend of mine (Zekk) said "broken breadsticks", except he called them "those restaurant entree bread things."

My mom once said that when I was a baby, she had this urge to bite on my toes. She's an artist, too.

I have a strong feeling artists snack on human fingers and that's where they get their powers from.